Japanese woman hid the mother’s frozen corpse in the freezer for 10 years

Japanese woman named Yumi Yoshino who is 48 said she hid the mother’s corpse in a freezer in her apartment for 10 years.She told the police that her reason for doing so was that she feared eviction in case the death was discovered.

The woman was held on a suspicion of abandoning and hiding a female body found on Wednesday in a freezer in Tokyo apartment.

Yoshino said that after finding her mother dead 10 years ago, she hid the body because she didn’t want to move out of the home they shared with her mother.

The mother who was thought to be aged 60 at the time of death was named on the lease of the apartment in a municipal housing complex.

Yoshino had been forced to leave the apartment in the mid January after failing to pay the rent then the cleaner discovered the body in a freezer hidden in a closet.

An autopsy could neither determine the cause of the woman’s death nor the time while there were not even a single wound on the frozen body.

The police said that the body had been bent to fit in the freezer.

Yoshino was later arrested in a hotel in the city of Chiba,near Tokyo on Friday.

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