Demolition of houses by Kenya Railways in Kibos,Kisumu county rendered thousands of families homeless

Thousands of families in Kibos, Kisumu County received a rude shock when they were forced to spend their night in the cold as their houses were being demolished on Friday night.

Many of the residents were displaced and had nowhere to go.

The Kenya Railway bulldozers moved in to demolish various houses that belonged to the Kibos residents. This was done on Friday night and by down break thousands of them had no alternative.

Demolition was done under the supervision of the police officers who were lobbing teargas canisters to disapprove the families who earlier pleaded with the government to spare them since they had no alternative apart from their homes.

The property that were destroyed during the demolition is of unknown value.
The victims have moved to the court appealing with the National government to resettle them elsewhere.

Kenya Railway is said to have given the Kibos residents a notice before to vacate so as to allow for the construction of Nakuru- Kisumu railway line.

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